It is day nine, and I think I figured out a system to accomplish my 60 day juicing without having to juice every day. I decided to juice every other day: I’m juicing today, since I juiced the day before which was Wednesday. This morning, I had my apple juice smoothie made up of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and banana and because I juiced that today, I’ll be having the same juice for tomorrow.

So we start this green drink with kale, four quarters of lemon because I like the juice – and since I’m doing it every other day, I don’t want it to get discolored so I’m just going to add a little bit of citric acid with the lemon and a quarter of lime as well. I am going to use two cucumbers because this is a skin issue. And I actually just did a dry brush massage.

So I’m doing this not because I want to starve myself but I’ve already lost 20-23 pounds.

So I’m juicing cucumbers, four carrots – everything is organic, so I’m going to add two cloves of garlic because I love spicy stuff so I’m going to make my juice spicy. I’m adding four celery and turmeric. Turmeric is the yellow substance that is found in curry and makes it really yellow. Turmeric has a really lot of antioxidants and according to the folks that did the research said it was good for – you know, it helps with arthritis and joint problems and other things the Indian medicine, that’s what they use it for. Turmeric has really powerful antioxidants and if I have some kind of autoimmune disease, I want to boost my immune system so I’m doing that as well. And add some parsley – parsley has a cleansing effect as well.

But I don’t spray, spray my garden my lawn with any pesticide or anything so everything is organic so I can pick everything I want in my yard and eat it because it has no poison. So I’m going to pick so many dandelion leaves – I went to the supermarket last week and they had dandelion leaves – 169 a pound for these…

So I got it and now I’m going to juice tis along with all the other happy stuff that I have and we are going to have a green juice for today and for the next two days and we are going to have an awesome time.

Okay so this is the dandelion leaves, I just rinsed them off in the sink and I am going to juice that so we have kale, we have cucumbers, we have carrots, celery, turmeric, ginger, lemon and lime, garlic and dandelions, right here.

So I have the juice here that just came out and this is what came out, you know, the fiber. But what I want to do is that I want to get some apples and I think… from the tree yesterday? And I’m going to use two apples just to add some apple peptic. Apple peptic is what is used in a lot of preserves for pastries to preserve it and since I’m going to let it be there for a day, I’m going to consume the rest of the juice tomorrow so I’m going to add some apple into it to add a tiny bit of sweetness because it’ll add apple peptic to it so I’m going to cut an apple.

This is what the juice looks like, in the mug, and I’m gong to pour it in a glass and this is what I’m going to drink today. This is my lunch, not 12:16 so I’m going to have this for lunch and then have this for tomorrow, take care

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