Hello everyone! First, let me actually make sure that everyone can hear me and see me. Let me open the chat here and I hope that everybody will be able to come in.

Then just give me some insights on what are the things that you are doing and actually been putting so much effort upon. While you do that, I’m going to keep tract on that right now. Alright, let’s see! As soon as everyone and everything’s set, we’re going to get started.

Getting to know the Business Owner

Okay so let me just share something about who I am, my name is Robert Mercado and I’ve been working online for about 4 years now and before I actually worked online, I’ve worked on a diner so I served food. So I know that it wasn’t easy and I know that there are other ways on how to live life and find means. I knew that I had a hard time before, I lived in a basement apartment, it had no kitchen, just a TV and a couch so my room was only 10×10 in dimension! I was in debt for 20,000 dollars or more and I actually got evicted from my apartment one day after I got home from work. I wasn’t able to get in and was 2 months behind from paying my rent. You know I just want to share that everything that happens in our life, we are responsible of it. So it you want something better, then you got to start it on your own. By the way, if you are having a problem with the connection, you may email me at and I encourage you to send me an email and use the subject line: I’m ready to get started. Whoever you may be, you may email me and you’ll really benefit from me.

I’m going to continue to where I left off. So I knew somewhere that there’s a bigger opportunity. At first, I was only doing it for myself. I was doing it for my own benefit. Once I started working online, I earned quarter a million for only a year. Through that, I have worked hard and now as I have worked for 4 years already I’ve earned 7 digits already.

Before I wasn’t quite sure and if I’m going to look back, I’ve learned to be open-minded already and I got so excited about it and now I realize after all the struggles that I’ve faced in the past, it’s all worth it.

I know that because I am earning enough already as of the moment. I learned to start to think out of the box. In the beginning I was so selfish and just thought about myself. But now I’m not gonna be like that anymore, I wanted to share it to everyone else. I came to a point that there are also others who need my help and wanted to earn a lot as well. That’s why I’m having this online hangout.

Before when I was still working at the diner I’ve served a beautiful and confident woman. I left her with the words, “God bless!” and then she remembered me. After that, we started hanging out and connected with each other. Now, she’s my wife. We live in a 3,000 square meter-house in Florida, we enjoy it here. We’re now married for 4 years already and just recently we had our newborn baby. Her name is Samantha Mercado. I am now a working daddy and they are my primary motivation and inspirations in life. When I get started with a business, I always look for these 3 requirements. So 1 is the company, 2 is the product and 3 is the people.

The Prosperity and Beginnings of the Company

And I’m gonna share all about that right here. Let get started and let’s talk about a company that is in business for over 40 years now and I’ve been in a lot of organizations already that I’ve put out my blood, sweat and tears for. I’ve been in a company and they are so lucrative. The bottom line here is, when you are not in a solid company or you are in a company that easily changes things, you don’t want to be in that company, right? I mean, do you want to get involved with a company that just put all your blood, sweat and tears into waste?

The reason why I share this to you is that I don’t want it to happen to you guys. I don’t have a presentation or a slide to present to you, but I am actually saying this so that you can see the sincerity and the conviction that I have through my eyes. I want to prove to everyone that this is a solid company. That the DSA or the Direct Sales Approves the deal and it isn’t easy for the company to get that. We got an A+ rating and it is a topnotch. The company is generating for a 30 million dollars of sales every month. I don’t want to brag but the company would like to impress you of it being solid and remarkable. In the company, you can see that there’s a good office, surface and physical features.

What are the products of the company?

I’ve already introduced to you the company, now we’re going to talk about the product. It is important that the product that has no complaints and it is intact. So let’s say for example the product is a drinking water. As we all know, water is one of the basic needs of our body. Most of the time, we drink tap water or the water that comes out of our faucet which flows from our pipes. Water is so much better than the soda or juice. For me, I drink those from the bottles.

But as I have done my research and studies, I got the information that the tap water contains other chemicals and actually is contaminated with garbage. So it’s not safe for us. That is why, we are encouraged not to drink the water that is direct from our water pipes.

There are also other products that we think are safe but are not. One good product that we can make out of this problem is a Water Filtration Machine. This machine cleanses the water and filtrates the toxic chemical substances that is present in the water. This is a good, real and innovative product that is really helpful for us. If you are not convinced of the information that I am saying, you may research online and find articles related to this problem. There are a lot of information that is posted on the web.

So let’s go back to our product, the Water Filtration System. This is a high-tech product and the company offers it for $1500-$6000. Even if you can’t decide to purchase the product tonight, but I’m going to make sure that you’ll have it and I wanted those people who are serious. Another product that the company has to offer is the shower product. The product is incredible. We also have another product and it is a Turmeric supplement and is very good for the body. It is in a form of a tea and a capsule. In the company, there are also a lot of products that we could offer. My tip for you is that you should be proud of your product. You should share the product to everybody and help them choose healthier options and allow them to decide in having great products.

This company manufactures its own products. As you know, the machine is considered a medical machine that is used in Japan. There’s a lot of technology and mechanics that goes into the machine. The product provides a topnotch and a high-quality technology. You must know that quality over quantity all the time. And I do not recommend those products that I don’t think are good. I study my work and do research about it. Let us now talk about people. The people in the company are solid. These are solid people, I’ve met them personally and they’re the best. The corporate was there as well. We communicate on a daily basis. The team is consists of great and incredible people. They have created systems and have tested them. They earned millions of dollars online. They are geniuses in the marketing department. The people worked so hard in the design and system cost. Everything is in compliance in the company. We want to make sure to protect the company and we’ll be here for a long time.

Business Tip to Keep in Mind: The Positioning Strategy

I’m going to encourage everyone to get started with the 3 different positions. The company allows you to have three different positions. You may treat them as your own entity or positions. You can choose 3 positions for example is on top you’ll have the product known as the Water Filtration System and down below the UCAN or the Turmeric supplement and the shower machine. So in that way, you can have 3 positions with those products. You are paid according to your positions with commissions and it depends on what machine you are selling. The company really pays you well. If you directly pull off a sale, they send you the check through your mail box. The company pays fast. They make sure that when its people work on their positions and make their sales, they acknowledge it and pay you immediately.

The company is selling physical products and actual products. It would make you feel like it is actual because you can get hold of your products and sell them to your customers. If you have problems regarding financial matters in starting up the business, we have contacted financial companies that will be financing for you. If you’re coming on board, you are placed in my organization and I’m going to help you. We are partnering with other financial companies that would help the workers have their commission. They will pay for the machines but you will still get the whole commission in return for your sales. The faster you reach out to me, the closer you are to being on board and be in my organization.

Final Thoughts and Words:

If you decide to create success, the vision for my team and my organization, is to create 4 millionaires in the year. To achieve this, you have to put so much effort and work really hard in the company. Everyone who will go on board in this solid system and company with a great team, will surely become successful. So guys, if you really want to do this right now, email me at to get started. We have solid team, solid company, solid system and solid products. My vision will be to create 4 millionaires within a 12-month period. On average, it will take a very long time for someone to be millionaires. In our company, we have plans and products.

As a leader, I’m making sure that everything must be done right. I want to keep this company for a long time. We need to make the best decision. This is the start of another venture. We plan to create people who will earn 7 digits in a short period of time. Mark my words, it can be you. You will have a 30 days for money-back guarantee. There’s no opportunity for you to lose. Start making a decision to change your life and make new chances to earn and be successful. I say, “Welcome!” We are looking forward in having all of you in our team. We’ve been so serious in trying to help others achieve the things that we’re having right now. I’m 29 right now and I’m thankful for everyone who keep on sending me spiritual and heartfelt messages for me. As far as 29 is the year before becoming 30 that is a new level. My point is 30-40 years from now, I want to do something better. Start deciding now and say that “Robert! I put my trust in you.” I can see your vision, and it’s a big one. I know that you might have thoughts right there but having multiple 7 digits earner will be great. You can do that!

Try do build your own decision. I want to share also the bonuses that you can get in the company and look forward to the next level. This is going to blow your mind. You are going to be absolutely impressed and feel that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I am totally excited. In the system, you will earn an educational allowance and earn in every sale that you’ll be going to make. There are a lot of ways for you to earn and we’re here for a long run.

 So for more questions about this, go email me at with the subject: I’m ready to get started. I assume with confidence that you will all be going to go on board with us. So I believe that with all the work and determination that we’ve put into this solid company and solid team, you’ll decide to be with us. This has been Robert Mercado and I am hoping that you will go on board with us for I have put my efforts, blood, sweat and tears for this solid company so that it will be intact for a long time. Thank you for your time and I’ll see you guys on the inside and I’m sending love for everyone! Whatever it is, I’m going to help you succeed and I am 100% here to support you.

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