The first thing to remember in combining food that you can’t combine fruits and vegetables, and protein in the same meal. The reason why is because the stomach, is designed to eat probably just one or two things at the same time and many of us doing Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner, we have three or four or five or six, maybe even seven courses of food. And we eat and drink and have fruit and vegetables and meat and potatoes and all these different things all in one meal gets the stomach seriously confused. The stomach, when it’s eating food, is just digesting different types of food – there’s sweet food, there’s acid food, and there’s also tart food. So you really shouldn’t be combing those foods.

Follow the food combining laws – this already gets rid of much of the problems in my stomach. We all have to do everything it takes just to feel better. And never eat and drink together – when I drink, I drink in between meals like water, I drink tea and other things in between meals. And then I eat, I just eat. I chew my food and allow my saliva to digest the food and allow the digestive juices in the stomach to do its job. When you eat and drink – if you have wine or tea or whatever, it dilutes the digestive juices and causes the food to take a longer time to digest.

Next is to not combine meat – you know, fish, chicken, whatever flesh food to eat, don’t eat that with rice or potatoes and what have you because when your stomach is absorbing or digesting meat flesh, it has to be completely acid. Just so it could break down the protein in the meat to digest or it’s going to kill us. When the stomach digests the meat with the potatoes or spaghetti or whatever carbs that’s in the stomach together, the carbs does not get to digest so what ends up happening is you end up having bloating acidity. When you eat meat and potatoes, or lasagna with meat in it, the body’s digesting the meat, not the carbs. So what you end up having, and most people who eat that type of food is they tend to get heartburns and they go get an anti-acid to mask what the effects.


To avoid having to use anti-acids, what you need to do is not combine certain foods. So if you’re going to have spaghetti, just have spaghetti with sauce. No meatballs. Have some meatballs later on with some salad or some vegetable. If you’re having meatballs, have it with some vegetables – some broccoli or some other vegetable. So when I eat, I do eat fish, when I eat fish I eat it with vegetables – either steamed vegetables or then a salad. And when I want to eat my carbs – rice or my gluten-free spaghetti, I eat that with vegetables as well but never combine flesh and potatoes and carbs together – it’s really that bad for your stomach. Also never combine your fruit and vegetables together because fruit is acid and vegetables are alkaline and many of you may not believe it but if you’re having issues with your stomach, it’s because you’re having different digestive systems, they have different names and whenever you combine food in an incorrect way, it causes your body stress as you eat.



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