So Miss Cheryl, I understand that you teach people how to have better health, how do you do that?

Well what I do is that I figure out what people’s blood types are because for myself is that I learned that your blood type affects whether you get sick or not because it all depends on what you eat.

What I do is that I put together programs that would assist with shedding the pounds you want to shed and, create a course that you want to be able to do to be able to achieve the optimum health that you want – whether you want to lose weight, or to take care of some kind of health challenge. Here’s a testimonial on my program:

Hey Cheryl, I just wanted to make a quick video for you and tell you how much one of your videos helped me. Sometime around November, you made a video about how your body processes protein and starches and I never really knew this information but I was having trouble, with some digestion problems and it was very annoying and at times, painful. And I’m not a pill person, so at all costs, I would avoid that, but when I saw that video, I just remembered thinking that, it was this very short tip that you gave which was to eat a certain way and I started doing it, and within days, I had no issues whatsoever and as a matter of fact, it looks like starches are also not only not am I digesting them properly, there’s something else going on. So anyway, I wanted to tell you not to stop making videos, they’re awesome, they help me tremendously and I know there’s someone out there who needs that too. Thanks a lot.

So how do you find out more about these health tips?

I do that through my website: where you’ll learn some tips and tricks and awesome information on how you can find out what their blood type is and how to determine whether or not they should eat.

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