About 58 days ago, I embarked upon a journey of juicing and the reason behind that is because I had some issues with my skin.

On October of 2010, I came out with a little spot on my lip and at around February, I went to my doctor and he referred me to my dermatologist who told me – based on the biopsy that I had Cheilitis.

Cheilitis is an inflammation of the lips. This information had me a little perturbed because I’m into health and wellness – I’m always juicing and I’m always cleansing and I’m always doing different things and it just bothered me to know that I had that particular issue. And so I also had other issues with my skin – I had dermatitis, and I have celiac disease and celiac disease comes around when someone is not supposed to have gluten where they later develop an autoimmune disease which is called celiac disease. I also have anemia – I have low iron which is why I supplemented iron on a regular basis.

Now there are so many different foods that contain gluten that I have to be really careful of to maintain my health. So by September 1st, after doing two previous ten-day cleanses, I decided to go on a journey of juicing. (…) know what, I’m going at one day at a time to get to 60+ days juicing fruits and vegetables.

It sounds like a long haul since I’ve never juiced that long – I’ve juiced every once in a while but I’ve never juiced every day, to have nothing else but juice. So what I did was that I started – in the midst of my (…) ten-day cleanse – that was the near end of August and I started at September 1st 2011.

I wanted to do is get you results. I upload all my old videos on my channel and I’m going to put a clip of how my lip looked before and how my lip looks now. Right now, it looks normal, everything is fine. There’s a couple of discolorations from the hyper-pigmentation because I’m dark-skinned. I noticed that about after day 45 of juicing – and the funny thing is, in my business training with my colleagues, you know they say you got to make a 90-day plan and after the 45th day then you see results. Well you know after about the 45th day of juicing, I noticed that lip had cleared up. It was probably clearing up before but I forgot how it was gradually clearing up and so when I looked back at a video I did in May of myself, I realized “Wow, my lip looked horrible” and now my lip is clear, this is no color or make-up on it and it’s completely clean – they even kiss.

But for real, I am just so amazed that the juicing has helped. I prayed a lot, of course, but definitely putting raw fruits and vegetables, you know or nuts, pretty much raw fruits and vegetables and nuts. This will still be going on until the end of the month which is October 31st and I’m going to continue juicing – I’ll probably juice once a day and add like, steamed vegetables and what-have-you. I’ve gone back to vegan – no fish, no chicken, no things that have a mother, a brother, a father or a friend. Only food that are, you know, fruits and vegetables and nuts, so that’s what I’m doing, if you have any questions at all you can definitely send me an email at or you can go to my website or you can visit my regular blog, main blog at and just shoot me an email, get on my list, and you’ll hear from me soon.

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