It all started when I noticed that in the past few months, my lip has been discolored. It started at one spot, and grew gradually across the lip. So I contacted my doctor who advised me to use a product from Bellamora. I had free samples which were initially used for burns, and went through exfoliating process by adding the cream on the lip. I was initially planning to review the Bellamora product if it weren’t for what happened next: I was misdiagnosed. And so I went to a skin specialist.

When I reached the dermatologists office, I had a lip biopsy – I watched the whole process of the biopsy until I was finally diagnosed with Cheilitis after thinking it was skin cancer.

So I started asking a lot of questions: Was it because of something I ate? What was happening? And the answer lied in the philosophy of whatever happens in the skin is reflective of what happens inside the body. It’s a lot like when a car has problems – you can’t solve it with just duct tape. You’ll want to know what happens under the hood because what happens on the inside, shows on the outside. That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself from the inside out.

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  1. Jewel
    June 8, 2016

    I’m going through EC right now and it’s just horrible. They want to start laser therapy on my lips but I want to try a more natural approach first and less costly! Juicing sounds like my kind of remedy. I lost 15lbs already and I can’t afford to lose anymore unfortunately. Do you have a sample list of what types of foods and juicing menu for a few days just to give me an idea. Thanks so much for your blogs and posts. It has given me hope!

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