Weight Loss Tips With Food Combining LawsSo this morning I was talking to one of my clients and she was saying that she didn’t sleep last night and she wanted to go to McDonalds and pick up a cup of coffee and a breakfast wrap. I  told her  if you want to sleep coffee is not the “Drug  of Choice“to the drink of to drink if you want to sleep.

Sleeping requires you to be in a restful state and what coffee has is caffeine that would cause you to want to stay awake and want you to be up and what have you so if you want to go to sleep you want to drink something that does not contain caffeine.

Here’s Why,  because caffeine that you wined up or walked up and ready to go where are you got enough sleep and If already had enough energy or not coffee or caffeine beverages Energy drinks or  coffee or tea green tea all those things contain caffeine and caffeine as coffee caffeine does give you energy and then it sometimes depends on which caffeine it is it’ll cause you to have a drop in energy at the at the end of this it’ll pick you up and then a little draw for you so if you want to sleep on you want to rest you need to drink something like chamomile tea drink there’s a product from traditional medicines you can probably get that the supermarket order at a health food store called sleepy time it has been John world send some other night, herbs in it that would help you to rest see if your goal is to sleep with it being the daytime or nighttime coffee caffeine drinks and beverages are not the beverage of choice for you I hope this was a really great day and I will see you on the next blog post ticket

People take Caffeine to keep alert and awake and energize during during the day before that lady that had can I have a really huge impact on your sleep what caffeine does is it typically will stop us from falling asleep at night caffeine increases the level of adrenaline and blocks they sleep inducing chemicals so that you’ll be jittery and you’ll have difficulty with insomnia and addition to that caffeine can stop him from keeping your sleep restful at night because caffeine can cause a headache cause a racing heart can cause you to have the frequently get up at night to go to the bathroom those are all things that will disrupt your sleep so you want

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